Happy Homicides 5: The Purr-fect Crime and the perfect gift for Mom

Cats play a starring role in these eleven mysteries by eleven bestselling and award-winning authors. As always, we bring you great reads at rock-bottom prices--and a little bit extra!

Every Happy Homicides book includes a super-secret email address so you can send away for a Free Bonus Gift, a file with recipes and craft ideas that go along with the stories.  

Happy Homicides 5 is the purr-fect Mother's Day gift. Pre-order your copy today to lock in the 99 cent price, because the book will return to its regular $3.99 price on May 26.

Don't forget there are four other books in the Happy Homicides Cozy Mystery Series. You'll want to own them all.


I have always loved books.

Growing up in Vincennes, Indiana, I could walk thirteen blocks to the library. There I was allowed to check out six children's books at a time. On the walk back home, I would read every one of those books. When I told my mother, "I don't have anything to read because I've read them all!", she loaded me into the car and hauled me back to the library. After explaining the problem to the head librarian, I was allowed to check out books from the adult section. *Sigh* T

Fast forward to college, where I was a journalism major, but I never learned to write a book. (I guess I thought there was magic formula.) After graduating from Ball State University, I became one of the early Chicken Soup for the Soul authors.

 And the rest, as they say, is history. I now have authored or co-authored more than 30 books, and more short stories than I can count. As owner of Spot On Publishing, I want to help other readers find books that are "just right."